Repeat “I stepped in shit with my flip flop”

Synopsis:Giorgio is a black sheep among whites. Black Sheep, though different, can camouflage and pass for white. Or they can leave the flock and make their own way, alone. Family, duty, work, security, responsibility, maturity… Is Giorgio really ready to camouflage and fit in?
Run Time:20 min.
Country of Prod:U.K./ Italy
Production Company: Riders On The Storm Pictures
Producer:Emanuele Cova
Writer:Emanuele Cova, Lucilla Schiaffino (based on the book “I stepped in shit with my flip flop”, by Giorgio Massa)
DOP:Lucio Cremonese
CAST:Alessandro Roja, Francesca Cuttica, Marcella Sivestri, Marina Remi, Alberto Rizzerio, Tommaso Boschetti
Genre:Fiction/Black Comedy
Screen Ratio:16/9 Anamorphic
Shooting Format:RED ONE 4K (Blue Ray Free Region)
Language:Italian with English subtitles
Editing:Massimo Magnetti
Soundtrack:Paolo Re, Fabrizio Baldoni, Gino de Stefani
Sound Designer/Mix:Matteo Milani, Paolo Re
Sound Rec:Alberto Parodi
Costume Designer:Laura Ogliastro
Make up:Laura Ogliastro
Production Designer:Chiara Colombo, Carlotta Bottino
Festival:Los Angeles Short Film Festival
The Big Sur Short Film Screening in California
Genova Film Festival in June 2010
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market
Venice Short Film Market
TV:“La 25a ORA” – La 7 – 9th October 2010
Distribution:Ouat Media, Riders on the Storm Pictures Ltd