Synopsis:What choice do you have if destiny is already written? A naive young man finds the answer through a traumatic experience, losing his innocence and entering adulthood. 00:00 is the time of his appointment with destiny and the turning point of his life.
Run Time:16 min.
Country of Prod:U.K./ Italy
Production Company:Riders On The Storm Pictures
Producer:Emanuele Cova
Writer:Emanuele Cova
DOP:Lucio Cremonese
CAST:Fabio Ghidoni, Carola Calvarino, Francesca Cuttica, Tommaso Spinelli, Matteo Repetto
Screen Ratio:1:1.85
Shooting Format:Super 16mm (Blow up 35mm-Hi Magenta-25f/s)
Sound:Dolby SR
Language:Italian with English subtitles
Editing:Annalisa Schillaci
Soundtrack:Carlotta Risso, Francesco Porcile
Sound Designer/Mix:Tiziano Crotti
Sound Rec:Andrea Malavasi
Costume Designer:Valentina Mezzani, Martina Sturla
Make up:Lidia Minì
Production Designer:Carlotta Bottino, Alice Vita
Festival:Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market
Festival Internacional De Curtas
Metragens de Sao Paulo
The Int’l Fest of Cinema
The Big Sur Short Film Screening 2008 in California
Genova Film Festival
David di Donatello in Rome
Forlì Sedicicorto Film Festival
Venice Short Film Market

AWARDS: Winner among the best three short film of
“La 25a ORA” 2008.

TV:“La 25a ORA” – La 7 – 26th September 2008
TeleLiguria – Local TV – February 2009
Distribution:Ouat Media, Riders on the Storm Pictures Ltd
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